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Martin(i) in Brussels

Martin(i) in Brussels

I spotted this nicely rotten house on a visit to the antiques and flea market that takes place at the Vossenplein in Brussels (Belgium) every day. For decades, this antique market is deemed to be a must when visiting Brussels. Despite all the rubbish that is being sold there, I was happy to have found at least a nice house of which I could bring a picture back home.

You can Google-map this house by pasting these coordinates in the search field: 50.836919,4.344955

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  • Interesting building, it looks like it went through quite a few businesses (MARTINI on one side and FABRICATION BELGE on the other don't go together!) - Nice colors, I should add.
    Claude @ 04-02-2009
  • Die Farben sind toll =) die Komposition auch, das Haus auch ^^
    Zimtgruen @ 12-05-2009
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