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Fort de la Chartreuse (1)

Fort de la Chartreuse (1)

Last saturday, I went off to Liège together with Alex to finally get started with urban explorations (attention: new buzzword!). First, we visited Fort de la Chartreuse and spent several hours on this huge site. So this first photo is only a start; there is more to come, from two more abandoned places we paid a visit that day.

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  • I really enjoyed this trip! That's an awesome photo, also because it was created from one of the less obvious "tripod-spots" ;o).
    Alex @ 12-05-2010
  • Love the mood of this shot. Nicely done.
    Scott @ 08-06-2010
  • Very cool shot - reminds me slightly of the hills have eyes with the mood and theme.
    HDR Textures @ 04-08-2010
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